“But for this one thing”

I think fitness and access to recreation is like knowledge. It helps make people and communities strong.

I love the new location.

I hate the new location.

It needs an outdoor pool.

It will raise my taxes too high.

It shouldn’t have an outdoor pool but if it doesn’t have an indoor pool I won’t support it.

It needs to have a bigger track.

No one will use the track.

You may not believe it, but we really have been listening. We know that from what you’re saying, if we could just change this one thing, you would vote for this project.

If we could just add a pool now.

If we could just light all the fields. 

We would love to be able to promise you what you want because we want your support. But we won’t. We can’t. We are confident in our numbers in terms of being able to support this facility as sized based on 15 events per year. We think this is a sizable request. To construct more of a facility would require more dollars AND it would be a risk in terms of long-term maintenance and operation.

As much as many of us on the Board would love to have a pool, it’s not financially sound at this point. We know that’s not what you want to hear. And we know that’s not the way to guarantee your vote. What we want to do is be as honest as possible – to tell you why we included what we did.

We know we are asking each homeowner to make an investment. We know that the current proposal is sound financially over the long term. We have built in flexible space on the second floor. This space could be used for a variety of things. We think it’s important to include a community room. How big does that room have to be? Could we work with the community to figure out great ways to use this space? Absolutely – as long as it doesn’t change our ability to make this space sustainable.

To change the proposal now to include a pool or to make the project far larger than what we had initially proposed would be to take a risk with your dollars.

Don’t vote based on the one thing the facility doesn’t have. The tax request that supports the Wicksom Library is .85 mils. Our request is .9 mills. When the library proposal was on the ballot I think I had been to the library once, maybe. I voted for it. I told other people to vote for it. Obviously my support wasn’t based on my daily visits to the library. It is based on the belief that I think books are great portals. It is based on the fact that I think free access to learning and encouraging people to read and learn regardless of age is important.

Looking at the recreation center, I think you have to ask yourself, “Is this important enough for the community that, even if I don’t go there – or even if I go only a few times  – or even if it doesn’t have a pool right away – that it is a benefit.”  

I think fitness and access to recreation is like knowledge. It helps make people and communities strong.

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