The Recreation Center


The proposed location for the Recreation Center is just off Weiss and Jefferson, south of Heritage Park and the Harvey Kern Pavilion.  Though this was not the original location, in the end this location was ultimately selected for a number of reasons including cohesive surrounding land uses, available utilities, proximity to users, and the proximity of the surrounding parks.

As members of the Frankenmuth community, we know that our kids, our friends, our families, are involved in a variety of sports ranging from football to softball to soccer to track and everything in between.  We also know that practice space – indoor and outdoor – is at a premium throughout the year.  We have tried to be as forward thinking and inclusive as possible when we worked to develop the site and facilities so that we can accommodate all users.  We also know that there are probably some uses that we haven’t thought of – ranging from competitive cheer to dance to the potential for tutoring or other such uses.  We not only want to be flexible – we want to be respectful.  Above all other things – the idea behind this facility is that it is the Frankenmuth Recreation Center.  It needs to serve Frankenmuth well.


One Response to The Recreation Center

  1. Debra Duby says:

    It would also be nice to have an indoor pool and excerise room.

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